Aeration and Overseeding Tall Fescue Lawns

Every year in the fall we prepare tall fescue lawns for aeration and overseeding.  Mowing, and high traffic areas become compacted with the clay soils we have.  By core-aerating, we loosen up the soil to allow oxygen and nutrients to enter which in return makes a healthier lawn.  Heat stress, damage, and brown patch will also thin out a tall fescue lawn which is why aeration and overseeding is necessary.

How is our Aeration and Overseeding different?

  • We bring topsoil to fill in the bare areas.
  • We use peat moss to cover the seeded bare areas.
  • We use core aerators to remove plugs which is true aeration.
  • We use blue tag certified seed free from weeds and poa grass.
  • We till and remove thatch.
  • We flag your sprinkler heads(if controller is outside)
  • We notify you your schedule date.
  • We want your lawn to be a success!

Aeration and Overseeding Care Tips