February 2016 Newsletter

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Winter is here! We hope you are keeping all your New Year’s resolutions.

While it may not seem like an active time for lawns, our Turf Care Team is busy preparing season specific applications. Upcoming turf care services include fertilizer, pre-emergent to eliminate weeds before you see them and weed control to target cool season weeds. Now is a great time to start or renew your turf care package to ensure you receive both pre-emergent applications this year; it is beneficial to the overall success of the program.

Winter is also a great time to consider your landscape needs. Take advantage of the stark conditions; walk your property, look around to find missing focal points or sparse shrubbery in your yard. Plan early and assure your outdoor areas are ready to be enjoyed in warmer weather. Call us to discuss your current package and project ideas to save from waiting, as spring schedules fill up quickly.

Here are a few winter tips for your lawn & landscape:
1. Snow/Ice- If there is excess snow on your trees and shrubs, carefully brush the limbs in an upward motion. Do not try to remove ice, you could break or permanently damage the plant.
2. Pots- Outdoor ceramic/clay pots can be damaged by alternating freezing and thawing. Bring in your pots or cover them with a tarp to help prevent cracking.
3. Clear your yard- Do an occasional sweep of your lawn and remove unnecessary objects. The weight of objects left on your grass for long periods of time can create large dead spots that are tough to revive in spring.

Are you or your neighbor on your Homeowner’s Assocation board? DalaCasa offers complete HOA service including lawn maintenance, turf care, seasonal flower packages, irrigation service and landscape lighting. Referrals from our existing customers are the foundation of our business and we appreciate your confidence in us.

As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns, 704-248-6294.

The DalaCasa Landscape Management Team

New Online Garden Center

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The owners of DalaCasa Landscaping have launched a new Online Garden Center – The Planting Tree.  The new Online Garden Center will specialize in:

  • Specialty Trees
  • Privacy Trees
  • Flowering Trees
  • Flowering Shrubs
  • Fruit Trees

The Planting Tree will only offer full size trees, shrubs, ground-covers, and perennials.  We will not sell small quarts or 4.5″ size pots that many other online garden centers sell.  We have large boxes to fit large trees.  The minimum size for a shrub at The Planting Tree starts at 1 gallon and our trees go all the way up to a 6-7 foot tree.  This way, your plant has a chance to get started in the landscape.  Most of the plants and trees that we ship already have flowers and fruit on them.  The larger the size you start with, the faster it will root in.

Since we install all of the plants we sell at The Planting Tree, we know what a quality plant is.  Our nurseries only grow quality trees and shrubs.  Clients will be back for more when they see the difference in quality from their local garden center compared to The Planting Tree.  If you need help or have questions, give us a call.  We will be happy to discus landscape ideas, planting instructions, and plant concerns.  Our staff is highly educated in the nursery and landscape industry.  They will help any way they can to buy trees online.

The Planting Tree has partnered up with Fedex for its shipping.  Fedex knows that we have sensitive trees and shrubs in our boxes.  They are very careful with handling and will bring your new plants to your front door.  Its really easy and no mess.  Just open your boxes, layout and plant.

What will makes The Planting Tree different from other Online Garden Centers is that we will offer free landscape ideas and designs so that clients will be able to see how trees and shrubs look best in the landscape.  We have thousands of designs and completed landscapes where we will be uploading to The Planting Tree website.  Clients can look through each design and if they like something they can buy it online.

Online Landscape Design Services will also be offered at The Planting Tree.  Clients can take a picture of their home, upload the picture, and we do the design.  Once the design is approved we can then ship the plants directly to the client and they can complete the project themselves.

Its a great idea that will get families together outside and they can landscape their home and it will look like a professional designed it.  We will be offering tons of DIY videos and ideas that can really help homeowners learn how to do professional landscape installation.

There is a lot more to come with The Planting Tree | Online Garden Center and we are excited to see it develop in the next months to come.

New Premium Lawn Care Program

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Lawn Care That’s Everything You Need!

Save money by combining specialty separate services into our Premium Lawn Care Program.  In order to have a perfect lawn, a few factors exist.

  1. Soil conditions must be favorable.  Soil PH needs to be adjusted so that the turf can take up all of the nutrients it needs to succeed.
  2. Nutrients need to be constantly available to the turf.
  3. Insect infestations must not exist.  Grubs can severely damage a lawn.  We include grub control to prevent any grub infestations.
  4. Disease management must be done to prevent fungus damage which kills turf.

So what we did was put a package together to include everything you need to have the perfect lawn year round.  Our product is custom made and can be adjusted per property.  We mix our entire nutrition program in house.  After you sign up, we take a soil sample  and send it to a laboratory.  Once we receive your results, we make the corrections to the soil which is included in the all inclusive package. (Tall Fescue all inclusive Program Below)

  • Early Spring – Pre-Emergent with Fertilizer and Weed Control.
  • Late Spring – Pre-Emergent with Fertilizer and Weed Control.  Fertilization of shrubs, trees, and small plants including a systemic insecticide.
  • Early Summer – Slow Release Fertilizer and Weed Control.  Grub Prevention.  Fungicide Application to prevent brown patch.
  • Mid Summer – Fungicide Application to prevent brown patch.
  • Late Summer – Slow Release Fertilizer and Weed Control.  Fungicide Application to prevent brown patch.  Bermuda removal application.
  • Early Fall – Slow Release Fertilizer and Weed Control. Bermuda removal application. Lime Application to increase PH in soil.
  • Late Fall – Fertilizer and Weed Control.
  • Winter – Fertilizer and Weed Control.

We service Tall Fescue, Zoysia, and Bermuda turf.  We are also a licensed pesticide applicator.

Grub Control and our new Tree & Shrub Program

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Grub and Tree Shrubs Taking Over? DalaCasa Landscaping & Designs Now Offering a Control Program (via SBWire)

Mooresville, NC — (SBWIRE) — 05/10/2013 — Spring is a beautiful time of year as the life of the greenery slowly comes back, and that beautiful green lawn finally gives the owner something to be proud of. However, some may not be so lucky when it comes to having that lustrous green looking golf course…


Lighting Packages for Spring 2013

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DalaCasa Landscaping & Designs Now Offering Numerous Lighting Packages for Spring 2013 (via SBWire)

Mooresville, NC — (SBWIRE) — 04/12/2013 — After all the hard work and investment that goes into perfecting the landscaping of a home, why have it all disappear when the sun goes down? With DalaCasa Landscaping & Designs new LED Lighting Packages, both residential and commercial property owners will…


Pruning & Winter Activities

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Winter Pruning

As the cool temperatures set in, our crews will be out pruning for winter.  Our winter pruning services include:

  • Crape myrtlesPruning Crape Myrtles in the Landscape
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Roses
  • Ground-covers
  • Daylily’s

Winter pruning greatly enhances flower production.  We do not chop down Crape Myrtles!  Our pruning crews are trained for best pruning practices by NC.  Crape Myrtles are pruned and thinned out.  We remove any crossing branches, and branches that can cause problems in the future.  Trees will be much stronger and produce more flowers in the summer months.  We start this process every January.

Please let us know Asap if you have any special requests for our pruning specialists. 

Please note:  This pertains to full service clients that are under contract.

Irrigation Winterization and Start-up

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Don’t wait til its too late!  Sign up now to have your irrigation system winterized.  Each spring we make costly repairs due to damage from freezing temperatures.  Clients say “Oh it didn’t get that cold last year, it will be fine”  It cost this client $1157 for a new pump installation.  Here are some facts:

  • Back-flows are all copper.  They crack and are expensive.
  • You must have a irrigation winterization port.
  • Irrigation pumps will freeze even if you drain them.  We blow out the pipes.
  • Suction lines must be disconnected from pumps.
  • Your irrigation system will freeze
  • You will void your warranty if your irrigation system is not winterized.

We blow each irrigation system out with compressed air.  On lake irrigation systems, we will also disconnect and/or drain the suction line.  Protect your investment and prevent freeze damage to your irrigation system.


Irrigation Shutdown Process:

  • Check each irrigation zone for leaks, bad sprinkler heads, and clogged sprinkler nozzles
  • Inspect backflow or irrigation pump
  • Connect compressor and blow out irrigation system

Irrigation Startup Process:

  • Connect backflow or irrigation pump
  • Inspect all fittings
  • Turn on water supply
  • Check entire irrigation system again for leaks, rotors not rotating, broken drip lines
  • Make minor repairs
  • Set controller and program zone run times

We pay close attention to detail.  Have us check your irrigation system today!


Aeration and Overseeding Care Tips

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As soon as we perform our annual Aeration and Overseeding service, we recommend you start watering.  Grass seed is sensitive to drying out.  If you have an irrigation system, these are the settings we recommend below:

  • Rotor zones 20-30 minutes 3 times per week
  • Spray zones 8-12 minutes 3 times per week

For areas that are bare – these areas will need to be watered more often.  If the seed is dry, its not going to germinate.

If the seed is kept moist, your aeration and overseeding will be a success!  We also recommend spreading peat moss over any bare areas that are soil.  Peat moss retains moisture and keeps the seed saturated which encourages faster germination.

Germination time for seed to start growing ranges from 10 days to 3 weeks.

If you need help setting your irrigation controller, please see our videos.

Questions you should ask a prospective lawn care company before hire them.

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1. Do you charge extra to kill grassy weeds (Crab grass, Dallis grass, Johnson grass)?  Do you charge extra to kill Nutgrass?  Exactly which weeds are not included in the price you quoted me?  DalaCasa quotes one price for everything.  We do not play games.  The price we quote includes every possible weed that may appear in your lawn.

2. Does your service include FREE ant treatments?  DalaCasa spot treats visible ant mounds for FREE every time we treat your lawn.

3. Do you guarantee a maximum number of paid treatments without trying to sell me something else to solve my problem?  If so, how many?  DalaCasa guarantees a maximum of 7 applications… anything more is at our expense.


What does DalaCasa offer that is different than other Lawn Care Companies?

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DalaCasa is different than most lawn care companies because we are professionals at what we do and take pride in our work.

A lot of the other so called lawn care companies are only interested in running a mower over your lawn and taking your money, but they do not truly understand the work they are doing, and therefore will overlook some of the simplest things, like (more…)

DalaCasa Launches New Website Design

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We have redesigned our site in the hopes that it will better serve our customers in finding the Lawn Care & Landscaping services they need. We also offer online scheduling and Payment, making it easier than ever to have your lawn professionally maintained while saving time and money!

Contact us today to see how DalaCasa can give you the Lawn of your Dreams! Or simply fill out our No-Obligation Free Estimate form and a representative will contact you to discuss all of your lawn care needs.