Lawn Care Services

Keep your property beautiful year round with our comprehensive Turf Care program.

A healthy, green lawn not only requires mowing and watering, it requires continual attention and monitoring. Lawn applications must be applied correctly and at the precise time to achieve optimal results. That’s why we offer annual agreements- your lawn will never miss an application because we watch the calendar and weather conditions for you.

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Lawn Care Program

Our Turf Care Team consists of North Carolina Department of Agriculture licensed, dedicated individuals who together, bring years of experience from various areas of the lawn care industry. We believe in the proactive management of turf; our technicians will identify and treat turf issues before becoming problematic. The products we use are of the highest quality and are targeted to your specific lawn care needs.

We have developed a strong reputation for exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing impressive, quality lawn care results.

DalaCasa provides a tailored approach to turf care by offering a variety of services to meet your specific lawn care needs. Whether you have Tall Fescue, Bermuda, or Zoysia grass, we have a package that will help you achieve your lawn care goals.

Our Annual Turf Care Package consists of 7 applications of season specific fertilizer and targeted weed control including lime and pre-emergents. In addition, we recommend adding the following services to your package:

  • Core Aeration
  • Fescue Seeding
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Grub Control
  • Disease Control (Fungicide)
  • Bermuda Suppression

The Benefits of DalaCasa Turf Care Management:

  • Licensed, experienced Turf Care Team committed to providing you with the best possible lawn and guaranteed results
  • A dark green, weed-free lawn increases the curb appeal of your property
  • Effective prevention and early treatment of costly turf diseases such as fungus, insects and grubs to protect your lawn and landscape
  • Frequent onsite inspections by our licensed technicians will ensure your lawn looks its best
  • Cost effective when compared with do-it-yourself chemicals, equipment and lack of results
  • All applications are strategically planned and mixed based on the time of year and current weather conditions
  • Prevention of fire ants ensures your lawn is safe to be enjoyed
  • Coordination of applications with our grounds maintenance schedules for the most effective fertilization and weed control treatment every time
Lawn Fertilization

The Benefits of Lawn Care

The Impact To Drive Up Appeal, Resell Value, Disease Prevention, Elimination of Thinning Issues, Reduced Mowing Frequency all easily offset the very low cost to keep your lawn Green, Healthy, Disease, and Weed-Free. Do you have Bermuda grass growing in your Tall Fescue lawn? We can help and give you options on what to do. We are experts in lawn care at treating the conditions of Mooresville, Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson.