“Robert and the guys left a few minutes ago and I wanted to try you right away that they did a terrific job on the yard. It looks spectacular, even before the pine needles. We’ve had several landscapers here over the years. Your guys out-performed them all.”
Walker Lundy
“Hi Tony,
Just wanted you to know that all the plants are thriving and growing very well. Also one of the red azaleas that were transplanted to the back has blooms all over! I’ve never seen them look so healthy before. In fact, most everything is in bloom. A friend who stopped by yesterday said, “Wow, this is gorgeous!” So, many thanks to you and your crew for creating this wonderful setting for us. We’re very lucky to be able to enjoy it every day.
Allison and Jim Moore

“Thanks again for the work…it is perfect!”
Mike Barnes

“Thanks so much!  Your guys are awesome.  Very hard workers.  Loos great, have a great holiday”
Bill & Dianne Kissel

“Hi Tony! I just wanted to let you know the guys did a great job trimming the bushes! Thanks! Patty”
Patty Herron

“Fantastic thanks!  By the way the lawn looks great thanks for doing such a good job!”

“No worries, and the yard is already looking so much better and I love the little hedge row you put in from the old bushes!”
Jeff Blair

“Your guys are here and they took care of it.  They are so helpful every time, please pass that on to them.”
Ingrid Joris

“PS:  The pansies look gorgeous!!!”
Bobbie Honeycut