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Home January 2019 Newsletter
January 2019 Newsletter

Winter is here! We hope you are keeping all your New Year’s resolutions.

While it may not seem like an active time for lawns, our Turf Care Team is busy preparing season specific applications. Upcoming turf care services include fertilizer, pre-emergent to eliminate weeds before you see them and weed control to target cool season weeds. Now is a great time to start or renew your turf care package to ensure you receive both pre-emergent applications this year; it is beneficial to the overall success of the program.

Winter is also a great time to consider your landscape needs. Take advantage of the stark conditions; walk your property, look around to find missing focal points or sparse shrubbery in your yard. Plan early and assure your outdoor areas are ready to be enjoyed in warmer weather. Call us to discuss your current package and project ideas to save from waiting, as spring schedules fill up quickly.

Here are a few winter tips for your lawn & landscape:
1. Snow/Ice- If there is excess snow on your trees and shrubs, carefully brush the limbs in an upward motion. Do not try to remove ice, you could break or permanently damage the plant.
2. Pots- Outdoor ceramic/clay pots can be damaged by alternating freezing and thawing. Bring in your pots or cover them with a tarp to help prevent cracking.
3. Clear your yard- Do an occasional sweep of your lawn and remove unnecessary objects. The weight of objects left on your grass for long periods of time can create large dead spots that are tough to revive in spring.

Are you or your neighbor on your Homeowner’s Assocation board? DalaCasa offers complete HOA service including lawn maintenance, turf care, seasonal flower packages, irrigation service and landscape lighting. Referrals from our existing customers are the foundation of our business and we appreciate your confidence in us.

As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns, 704-248-6294.

The DalaCasa Landscape Management Team

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