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New Online Garden Center

The owners of DalaCasa Landscaping have launched a new Online Garden Center – Planting Tree.

The new Online Garden Center will specialize in:

  • Specialty Trees
  • Privacy Trees
  • Flowering Trees
  • Flowering Shrubs
  • Fruit Trees

Planting Tree will only offer full size trees, shrubs, ground-covers, and perennials.  We will not sell small quarts or 4.5″ size pots that many other online garden centers sell.  We have large boxes to fit large trees.  The minimum size for a shrub at Planting Tree starts at 1 gallon and our trees go all the way up to a 6-7 foot tree.  This way, your plant has a chance to get started in the landscape.  Most of the plants and trees that we ship already have flowers and fruit on them.  The larger the size you start with, the faster it will root in.

Since we install all of the plants we sell at Planting Tree, we know what a quality plant is.  Our nurseries only grow quality trees and shrubs.  Clients will be back for more when they see the difference in quality from their local garden center compared to Planting Tree.  If you need help or have questions, give us a call.  We will be happy to discus landscape ideas, planting instructions, and plant concerns.  Our staff is highly educated in the nursery and landscape industry.  They will help any way they can to buy trees online.

Planting Tree has partnered up with Fedex for its shipping.  Fedex knows that we have sensitive trees and shrubs in our boxes.  They are very careful with handling and will bring your new plants to your front door.  It’s really easy and no mess.  Just open your boxes, layout and plant.

What will makes Planting Tree different from other Online Garden Centers is that we will offer free landscape ideas and designs so that clients will be able to see how trees and shrubs look best in the landscape.  We have thousands of designs and completed landscapes where we will be uploading to Planting Tree website.  Clients can look through each design and if they like something they can buy it online.

Online Landscape Design Services will also be offered at Planting Tree.  Clients can take a picture of their home, upload the picture, and we do the design.  Once the design is approved we can then ship the plants directly to the client and they can complete the project themselves.

Its a great idea that will get families together outside and they can landscape their home and it will look like a professional designed it. We will be offering tons of DIY videos and ideas that can really help homeowners learn how to do professional landscape installation.

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