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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions that are not addressed below please contact us.

I need someone to set my irrigation controller. Can someone come and set it?

Yes, DalaCasa will send over a professional to set your irrigation controller if you are not familiar or comfortable using it. However there is a charge for this service. We recommend that you view our training videos that will show you how to use your irrigation controller. We feel that it is very important for you to become familiar with your system. The settings on the irrigation controller will need to be adjusted based on the season and weather multiple times per year. We strongly recommend installing a wireless soil moisture sensor. Soil moisture sensors know if the soil needs water or not. With a soil moisture sensor, your irrigation will be able to decide if it needs more water or not. This greatly reduces water usage saving you money and the hassle of adjusting your irrigation every week.

I signed up for Irrigation Winterization but it was not done?

The Service was not completed because you do not have a winterization port. A winterization port is a small fitting designed to allow us to connect a compressor to the irrigation system. The port must be between the water meter and the back-flow. This allows us to get all of the water out of the back-flow to prevent from freezing. If we do not find a winterization port, we will contact you and send an estimate to have one installed.

Is it normal for my lawn to turn different colors when chemicals are applied?

At different times of the year we spray different products. Turf is sensitive to temperature and seasons. In the fall we spray a weed control that turns weeds and tender grass white. This is normal and will go away within two weeks.

You sprayed weed control but I see a few weeds?

There are many different kinds of weeds. Some weeds can only be treated when temperatures cool down. We use the appropriate herbicides to control all weeds when we can.

You just installed my landscape, how much do I water the plants?

Watering is very important! As soon as we finish your installation, we recommend watering daily for at least 2 weeks. After two weeks you can begin to space out waterings to twice a week. Always check the soil with your fingers under the plant to make sure the soil is moist. When watering, it is important that you don’t just spray with a hose. You will need to use the hose and water throughly. Sometimes 2-10 minutes per plant/tree.

The crew did not show up today on my scheduled day of service?

There are days when we run behind due to the weather. Our services rely on good weather to work. Sometimes the rain puts us behind a day but we will be there the following day to perform services. Email reminders will be sent out to alert our clients when we have a rain day. For example: if it rains on Tuesday and your schedule day is Friday, we will perform services on Saturday.